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The screening of applicants

Candidates are short-listed during telephone interviews. We then meet with them for a comprehensive face to face interview, carried out by one of our expert consultants. During this meeting we will introduce, where appropriate, the position available and the company. The successful applicants (up to maximum of 4) whose skills and motivation have been assessed during the interview phase will be presented to our client.

All our C.V.s are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Key experience relative to the position to be filled
  • Evaluation of skills and achievements based on the targeted profile
  • Assessment of personality, motivation and suitability for the position based on the match between the candidate and the company's criteria
  • Analysis of references (Certificates of Employment)
  • Assessment of all other criteria: pay, mobility, relocation clauses (termination notice, non-competition clauses, etc.).
  • Work permits, ...

We organise and carry out the follow-up of candidate interviews. We also provide the following services:

  • Presence at the client's interviews, on request
  • A summary of the process with the managers concerned
  • Assistance during the final negotiations, on request
  • Informing the candidate of the client's decision.

Reference checks

  • With the candidate's permission, a thorough and systematic check of professional references is carried out with the candidate's superiors and/or with people who knew and worked closely with the candidate in a professional capacity.
  • Analysis of the consistency of Certificates of Employment
  • Submission of the report results together with the addresses of contact persons.

Monitoring the Recruitment

  • Keeping the client up-to-date
  • Monitoring of the integration of hired candidates (interviews and reports).

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