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I-Talent-Gagnon & Partners

I-Talent-Gagnon & Partners

I-Talent-Gagnon & Partners are experts in the researching and recruitment of Executives, Managers and Technical Specialists in the pharmaceutical / biotech, medical devices, chemistry, engineering, IT, luxury, insurance, and retail fields, as well as the public sector.

We stand out from the crowd thanks to a personalised approach based on a thorough knowledge of our clients’ background and their requirements. We understand the culture, values and challenges of our partners and systematically integrate these key elements when looking for and selecting candidates. Our goal is to bring together talented individuals and organisations, on the basis of their motivation, skills and shared values.
For each mandate, our added value is reflected in a detailed understanding of your needs, a targeted approach in our network and our extensive and detailed portfolio of potential candidates. Our consultants, who have many years of operational experience in business and recruitment, use this data to select the right candidates for you.

In short, we will only send you the profiles which match your specific needs, your requirement profile and the specific tasks of the position on offer. Our work is carried out with the highest level of integrity - your company is well represented.

We adapt our approach to each situation and each client. We identify potential candidates through our network of contacts, our databases, advertising or using the direct approach. We establish direct contact with the candidates who are most likely to match the profile you are looking for.

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