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The multidisciplinary team of I-Talent SA combines expertise and practices to contribute to support companies in consulting, assessment and training. Coming from different areas such as leadership, strategy and management ethics, we bring our expertise to increase performance and motivation within your company.

Current Projects


  • Strategy alignment – Focus on leadership behaviors that enhance performance
  • Burnout – Identification of causes and remedies
  • Group cohesion – Identification of threats and and opportunities to enhance team spirit
  • Talent selection process improvement – Selection of C-level executives
  • Ethical blindness – Prevention and treatment of unethical incidences


  • Creation of an online assessment platform for Universities and Clients from leading Professors in the World
  • Creation of an online platform that improves a user‘s charismatic appeal and rhetoric


  • Leadership development with a focus on transformational and instrumental leadership


I-Talent SA
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