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Executive Search, Headhunting, Direct Approach ...... regardless of the term used, I-Team Talent - Gagnon & Partners has the human and technical resources to satisfy your requirements in both Switzerland and internationally.

Headhunting requires an excellent understanding of the skills market and a strict code of ethics. Confidentiality and dialogue are at the heart of our relationship with potential candidates and the businesses with whom we engage. This guideline is based on the principles of discipline and respect, values  which are shared by all the I-Talent - Gagnon & Partners consultants.


In addition to judging whether you are the best match for our client, our experience and advice can help you to understand your career better.
Whether you are a Senior Executive or Specialist, Manager or Sales Executive, together we can find out if you are THE candidate that our client is looking for. In the same way, we analyse the benefits of the company's offer in relation to your career and your ambition. We constantly strive to get to know you better and improve our mutual understanding to help you position yourself in the market.


Because your career is one of the most important things in your life, we are here to help make it a success. To be able to assist you with fairness, speed and objectivity at any important moment in your career is not our only ambition. Equally important is the commitment we make to you as a recruiter, which is the challenge that we set ourselves for all our clients.

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